Weekend on the Water

Soo on the weekend of the 26th-27th September we became real life tourists and the sun shone for us out in Auckland Harbour and beyond into the Hauruki Gulf.



On Saturday we went on an afternoon long Whale and Dolphin Safari.

Lovely day for it and plenty of Common Dolphins to be seen!



It did get a bit chilly at times mind




The gannets were out in force too, diving in from great heights, helping us to find the dolphins who were furiously fishing in the water below.


Some left it rather late to get out of the boats way!


We caught a glimpse of a whales “blow” but unfortunately we weren’t that lucky and didn’t manage to track it down.

On Sunday we were back out, this time on the ferry to Waiheke Island with our housemate Liza, and her fiancee, Jono.

We had a great lunch and some bargain craft beers (we were the only punters to see the offer poster and order it before it was VERY rapidly removed!), before going for a stroll on the beach.



The island is beautiful, and dotted with vineyards,  which we didn’t take advantage of on this particular trip.



We took the long way back to the ferry, round the headland.






Great weekend well spent, we reckon!


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