Campervan Conversion (Part 2)

Our confidence in Barry and the guy we bought him off (Mohammed) hit a small speedbump a fortnight ago when the oil filter started leaking.

After taking Barry to the workshop directly adjacent Mohammeds van/scrap yard. The filter was replaced, for free, and we thought Barrys incontinence issues were sorted. Low and behold three days later the filter started leaking again and after taking the van to a different mechanic discovered that the wrong oil filter had been put on.



I think it is safe to say that our trust in Mohammed and his mechanics has been broken, and any other mechanical faults (oh yes, there’s more to come), will be fixed elsewhere.

On a more optimistic note, the inside of the van is coming along nicely. Firstly, the storage/seats/beds have lids now and we’ve decided to put a shelf on one side of the van.



The table has been made and there is another smaller section that spans the gap and forms the bed.




This will give you an idea of what the rear kitchen area will look like, only the sides are secured in the photo above. The plan is to box in the water container and chilly bin and then have shelving/drawers in the middle.


More campervan conversion and van drama to come…


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