Surfs Up!

On the weekend of the 3rd-4th October we went to Piha with a group of UK doctors we’ve met since moving to NZ.

Our initial plans to arrive on the Friday evening were disrupted when Barry decided to ‘click’ rapidly. A problem later diagnosed as the electrical relay for the glow plugs, to be fixed properly at a later date. We did eventually catch a lift with Catherine, one of Lauras friends from work, on Saturday morning, although not without some hire car related drama.

Building up to our weekend surf trip, Laura had become slightly more anxious due to 1) her previous surfing experience in Newquay mentally scarring her, and 2) everybody at work asking “you’re going to Piha? Have you not seen Piha Rescue”. A TV program documenting all the coastal incidents around Piha, of which there are many.

Anywho, we had two instructors for our group, Phil, who ran Piha Surf School, and his son Zen, currently ranked 5th in NZ. Both were great, really enthusiastic and had us all out into the water within 10 minutes of starting, and with Laura and myself standing on our first waves.

It was great fun, but absolutely exhausting battling against the waves and the tides.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of our efforts on Sunday.


After surfing on Saturday we took a wander to a local waterfall, and I had to refrain from boring everyone with native plant ID.



Laura and I then walked up lion rock for some lovely views over the beach.






The whole weekend was SO much fun, think it’s fair to say we’ve both got the bug and are raring for some more surf time.



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