All’s Fair in Love and Luge

It’s been a little while since our last update but here’s what we got up to a few weekends ago.

In preparation of the next leg of our adventure we went to Tauranga with Sophie and Rob to scope the place out ready for our move there at the end of November.

On Saturday afternoon we took a wander up Mount Maunganui for some lovely views of the surrounding coast.

Stunning hey, very excited to live here!

Then for a walk along the beach, and alas, no ice cream for those that really, really wanted it. Well demonstrated by the long lingering looks Rob gave the prematurely closed ice cream shack.


On sunday we decided to head south to Rotorua.

Where we went on the gondola…With some pretty decent views of the lake…

And then 7 goes on the downhill luge.

It. Was. Awesome.

Look at those excited faces!


Here’s a video of the way down. You pick up a fair bit of speed. Apologies for the vibration and shakiness…

Speed.  Demons.

And finally a 400m zip line.

Reaching speeds of up to 120km/hr, you go down in parallel…

Here’s our trip…

So after a great weekend we have made a pact – to achieve 50 luge rides each during our stay here.  So prepare yourselves friends and families for a down hill luge frenzy, and remember, ultimately, all’s fair in love and luge!


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