Campervan Conversion (The Final Chapter)

And so the van is complete!

However. Just as we completed Barry and went off to spend our first weekend away in him at the Coromandel, all was not as it appeared.

It may have started with something as innocent as an incorrect fuel filter, but then on a drive home (on a Friday, because things are incapable of happening on any other day, obviously) Phil heard a big ‘bang’ soon followed by the realisation that the brakes weren’t working quite right. He was only around the corner from home but it warranted a call to the AA and being towed to the nearest garage that was open on a Saturday.

It was the alternator and aircon belts. Our suspicions aroused we asked the garage to look over the van and give us their honest opinion.
Unfortunately it was not good news, but more than that they were certain the van should never have passed it’s warrant of fitness it was issued from the garage on the day we collected it.

So. We got it re inspected by a VTNZ (VehicleTesting NZ) garage and it did indeed fail the WOF – on more than half the points looked at. Excellent.

Soooooo we took all of our hardwork out of the back of it (in about 45mins TOTAL) and took Barry back to dear old Mohammed at Pars Auto Ltd. After a barrage of abuse we got our money back.

We are now the proud owners of a NEWER Mazda Bongo, 2008 Petrol Automatic… called Basil.

And he is complete.



This is it set up as a bed, all ready for a nice snooze…



And during the day we’ve got a little table and a couple of benches…



There’s a little shelf cubby on this side, over the wheel, for storing secret treasures…



Please note the wonderful upholstery here, with coordinated curtain tie backs…



And the kitchen , complete with hand pump and sink, cutlery draw and 2 burner LPG hob…


Just about ready for a lovely cup of tea, I reckon!



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