Hills, Dunes and Beaches (Northland Day 3)

DAY 3 – We got up and headed to the Cape. The drive is pretty windy and hilly, and automatic Basil did struggle a bit, but we made it, and through some beautiful scenery.

Cape Reinga –  After parking the car there are some stunning views on route to the tip.


It is at this point that the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea, a place of great symbolism for Maori, believing it to be the point at which the spirits of the dead depart this world.


And off to the side is the lighthouse, proving just how far away we are from home…

So what comes up, must go down and we ambled back down the Cape, stopping at the Te Papa dunes. These are big dunes. Like big.

And then continued our merry way down towards the Bay of Islands, stopping in Mangonui for a spot of fish and chips and to climb a hill for a look out from the Rangikapiti Pa Reserve.


And then Whangaroa for a sharp and short climb up ANOTHER hill for some truly awesome views from St Pauls Scenic Reserve!

We ended the day at a great little campsite, right at the beach in Matauri Bay.



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