Culture & Sulpher (Northland Day 4 – 5)

DAY 4 – We next headed to Paihia, in the Bay of Islands proper, and went to the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi.

New Zealand is a pretty new country as it goes. Soooo they get a wee bit excited about anything that was built before 1900. Anyway the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 and was an agreement between the British and the Maori regarding trade and land transactions. Its still the most important Treaty in New Zealand today ensuring equality for Maori and Europeans.

There is an awesome cultural show, lovely grounds, and I think both of us came away feeling abit ‘cultured’.

In the afternoon we hired kayaks from our campsite. And yes, someone may have thought they were capable of paddling a bit too far, and then had to battle against the wind back up stream…it was hard work.


Anyway we made it, but not without that someone complaining their arms hurt.

No prizes for guessing who that someone was… Phil, obviously.

Day 5 – We decided to be real tourists and spent the morning on a boat tour of the Bay of Islands, including a brief trip through the ‘hole in the rock’.

We were joined by bottlenose dolphins and then enjoyed a quick walk on Urupukapuka Island, narrowly avoiding the rain.


2015-11-28 16.32.35


As the rain continued in the afternoon we decided to make the most of it and check out some local hot springs. If it wasn’t for the tripadvisor reviews I think we would never have found, and certainly not gone into the Waiariki Pools. However, they were great, $6 including towel hire, and the rain just made it better. We did however smell horrendous afterwards, but nothing a hot shower at the campsite couldnt fix.


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