Birds in the Bush (Northland Day 7 – 8)

Day 7 – After the excitement and exhaustion of diving at Poor Knights Island, we decided to tone it down a bit and headed to Mt Manaia at Whangararei Heads. What we didn’t realise was that to get to the top involved a 45 minute stair climb… sweaty.

But the view was lovely.

And of course upon reaching the summit we happened to bump into a Paediatric Consultant from Whangarei, small world.

It rained in the afternoon, so we just drove along the coast, stopping for tea, obviously. Laura also managed to trap her finger in Basil’s slidey door (a ploy to get out of mountain biking the next day).

We stayed that night in Whangateau, and the wind was ridiculous. I’m pretty sure if we’d been in a tent we would have blown away.


Day 8 – So after an INCREDIBLY windy night where Basil was lucky not to be blown away we got up to amble back to Auckland.

On route we stopped at an enclosed reservation at Tawharanui Peninsula. Phil had been recommended to stop here by a friend from work, and it was a great recommendation!

We decided to do the ecology walk, and within seconds had stumbled across three takahe coming out of the bushes. Takahe are extremely rare, total population 260 adults, and so in one ‘fowl’ swoop we saw >1% of the entire population! Its easy to see how they became endangered as they shuffled along the path infront of us!

It was a great walk, and we saw loads of native wildlife.

Clockwise – NZ Wood Pigeon (Kereru), Tui, Fantail (Piwakawaka), Bellbird (Korimako), NZ Wood Pigeon, Tui. We also saw some Saddlebacks (Tieke) but they didn’t stay still long enough to have their photos taken.

Its a really nice example of native bush. Phil was obviously in his element, like a kid in a sweetshop, he’s a cheap date.

You then pop out on a hillside with some pretty great views before winding down to finish by walking along the beach.


And there is always time for a bit of last minute jumping.

Also, if anyone is vaguely interested in where any of these places we visited are, here is a map of our trip (I’d recommend using the +/- arrows to zoom in and out if your using a tablet).

So there it is. That was our week of leave, pretty well spent we reckon. Blimin’ jam-packed and exhausting but totally worth it.

We’ve had a busy time since too…We both went back to work for our last week in Auckland before moving down to Tauranga on the Sunday afternoon (typically I was working the weekend too, on call) which is where we are now, and have been for the past 2 weeks! Glad to say its going well and we’re settling in – I’m working in A&E and Phil is fitting in very well in his new ‘house husband’ role (temporary until the new year).

Anyway, here’s a last video of us spinning on the top of many hills around Northland!


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