Living life in the Shire

We’ve been in Tauranga for a month now!

How time flies hey.

And we’ve been up to a bit, including working, though thats been pretty good too. So over the last few weeks we have…

…Spent a weekend in Rotorua, about 45mins south of here, and tried to jam pack it full of activities. Starting with spot of ziplining through native forest. Great fun.

Always keen for a bit of posing…

We camped at the lakeside over night and went and dug a hole at their own ‘hotwater’ beach.

Turns out you don’t just dig any ol’ where coz it might just be cold, yet if you dig a bit further down, well…it be scorching and you need to dig a channel in from the lake for some cold water!

And it smelt.

…next exhausting day was spent mountain biking followed by white water rafting down the Kaituna – the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world at 7m high.

The good news from mountain biking is:

1. I, Laura that is, didn’t go over the handlebars and as such 2. I’m willing to go again which 3. Makes Phil very very happy indeed.

The rafting was great fun, with a couple of smaller waterfalls and rapids in prep for the big one where the whole raft gets totally immersed before popping back up again.

…had a surf lesson at Raglan which was great fun! Slightly less crazy than our first lesson at Piha, but good all the same and showed really we both need a bit of practise and we’ll be away!

…Stopped in at Hobbiton! As you do. We both felt like we were properly in the Shire!

Needless to say we went home and rewatched the Hobbit.

…walked to the beautiful Omanawa Falls, and had a short swim in the bracingly icy plunge pool beneath.


…and then its been Christmas! Very odd and not festive in the slighest. Probably something to do with the 20-something degree heat, glorious sunshine and time spent at the beach.

I was at work for the day but Phil spent it with friends at the beach having a BBQ. Unfortunately by time I got there in the early evening the clouds came over and it started to rain. No worries though, someone was on hand with trusty hot tub which is fun, no matter the weather!

…Boxing day was spent at a river waterhole complete with rocks for jumping and waterfalls for swimming under, and a picnic too.

Oh and we’ve climbed Mount Doom on the Tongariro Crossing, but that deserves its own post…

On the very last day of 2015, we were on the beach down at Mount Manganui, hired some surfboards with friends and had a whale of a time in the sea. Ending with a midnight paddle and some fireworks…not a classic  NYE but a pretty good way of seeing in 2016.

Lets see what it has to offer……



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