Local Explorations

It’s been a while since our last post, and it’s hard to believe that it’s the end of March already. We have been up to lots of little trips that have kept us busy though.

Here follows Januarys highlights…

We shared a very special experience with Sophie and Rob in Waihi, just an hour up the coast – their first night in a tent together. This to me proves how far Sophie has come, from the utter disgust at buying a fleece for Borneo, to voluntarily sleeping in a tent! Robs influence, good work.

After Soph and Rob had gone we went for a nice walk at Bowenstown, recommended to me by a patient!

Not long after Christmas, I made Phil the happiest boy in the world and finally said ‘Yes’, committing to…..a surfboard! And a bodyboard too, Merry Christmas courtesy of Bev and Mike, many thanks! We’ve had alot of use out of it, some days more successful than others…

Another drizzly afternoon we headed just east of here to the Papamoa Hills which on a brighter day may have offered us better views across to the Mount. It was a nice wander none the less.

Donut Island was probably the best day trip of January, an island just off land from Whangamata in the Coromandel. A group of us headed there for the day, hired kayaks, and paddled out to doughnut shaped island, the centre of which is accessible through an archway. Though the sun was shining it was quite wavy and a bit of a risky paddle in, but well worth it.

Since all of this we have been invaded by an influx of parents, who we strongly believe deserve their own blog posts…beware…


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