Stingrays and Sunrises

I’ve just had a few days off so we decided to continue our explorations whilst the sun is still shining on North Island with a trip down to Gisbourne on the east coast and then a drive up and around the East Cape.

True to form we decided upon the more scenic side route off State highway 2 driving quite a number of kilometers of proper unsealed road passing through ‘villages’ consisting I’m sure of only single dwellings. We did stop off at the Tauranga Bridge and Rere Falls before ending up at a campsite at the beach in Gisbourne for the night.

The next day we got up and started the drive up to the East Cape, stopping for a while at Tatapouri Bay where we made quite a fashion statement donning waders and heading out onto the coastal reef to feed wild stingrays, whilst being circled by kingfish! There were 2 types of ray – Eagle and Short-Tailed, the biggest of which had a fin-span of about 1.5m!

We continued up the coast stopping along the way at Tolaga and Tokomaru Bays, the alleged largest Pohutakawa tree in NZ, winding through, hills, valleys and sheep!

We made camp at East Cape ready to get up for dawn at the East Cape Lighthouse, the first place on Earth that the sunrises for the new day! Worth it, such a sucker for a pretty sky and even Phil enjoyed this one!

DSCN78742016-04-17 15.12.47

And then all there was left to do was trundle the 350km back home! Winding along the coast, past many, many, many beautiful bays, with plenty of time for some tree climbing and sexy man poses!

And that completed the 3 day, 820km East Cape trip! Proud of you, Basil 😊



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