Waterfalls and White Water Rapids

Towards the end of April the surf was looking a bit flat, and Laura and I had a weekend to fill with fun stuff, so on the Saturday we took Basil over the Kaimai’s and went for a tramp up to Wairere Falls.

The track took about an hour and a half to get to the top, with plenty of photo opportunities on the way up. There was also a nice lookout half way up to glimpse North Islands largest waterfall (153m) in all its glory.

Once at the top, the views are awesome, stretching across the Waikato. And with typical NZ safety measures in place, you can sit yourself right on the edge of the waterfall!

Not bad at all.

On Sunday, we headed over to the Wairoa river south west of Tauranga. The dam at McLaren Falls gets released each week or so, creating some pretty knarly Grade 5 rapids.

And being the safety conscious people that we are, we decided to team up with Roz and Rachel and paddle down them in a rubber boat… So.. Much.. Fun.

And heres a little bonus video.


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