CanyoNZing in the Coromandel

Phil and I had our birthdays last month,  and to celebrate 28 successful years of being alive we spent the day risking all by abseiling, ziplining, jumping, sliding and swimming down the Sleeping God Canyon in the Coromandel.

Joining us on this EPIC adventure, were Sophie and Rob, and their friends Sarah and Kat. And, spoiler alert, we all SURVIVED!

The night before Soph, Rob, Phil and I spent a very enjoyable evening watching the sunset just outside Thames, followed by some quality cake and hot tub time 🙂

The next morning anticipation, excitement, and fear was palpable on the drive up to the base of the Canyon. Russ and Wayne, our guides were awesome though and everyone was soon at ease, if not incredibly sweaty after an hour or so trek up to the top to start.

The rest is definately best demonstrated in photos and another video montage!

But I will say this – the scenery was BEAUTIFUL, we were abseiling down ACTUAL WATERFALLS, the water was FREEZING, the company was TOP-NOTCH, the whole thing was absolutely EXHAUSTING, and in true-kiwi style was finished with a sausage SIZZLE!


Jumping….from increasingly high heights….this is Phil from 14m!

Sliding down a waterfall, getting rattled and bounced to pieces and coming out surprisingly whole at the bottom!

Look at these happy faces!


LOVED IT! Can not recommend highly enough to our fellow intrepid kiwi-explorers! As Nike says… JUST DO IT!


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