Kaikoura Wildlife OVERLOAD

Phil and I went off on a mini 4 day holiday to South Island last week and it was the most wonderfully ridiculous trip!

It was a ridiculous start after I finished a late shift, bundling Phil in the car, heading to Auckland, power nap in the van in the carpark before taking the early flight in to Blenheim. Once collecting the hire car we headed down the coast to Kaikoura.

Fur Seals literally scatter the coastline here, lounging on the rocks.

But the whole reason for this trip was to head to a waterfall….the Ohau waterfall where seal pups go to play!

It was as ridiculous as hoped and the sleep deprivation definately added to the amount of squealing that came from me! They were just having the most fun splashing and chasing each other in the plunge pool, so cute!

After all the excitement of the seals we decided to walk an hour and a half up a hill…because we didn’t think we were tired enough, for views over the Pacific. Noice.

Destroyed by the day, we headed to bed, ready to rise bright and early for possibly one of the best days EVER.


If I could tell the 13 year old me that dreamed of being a marine biologist that in the space of a day we would…

…Swim with wild dusky dolphins, a pod of about 400 strong…

(I know I have a habit for writing too much, so I’m going to say just a few things….1. The water wasn’t as cold as predicted, 2. The wetsuits were super buoyant, 3. Phil is basically a fish, 4. They were EVERYWHERE, 5. I mean EVERYWHERE, 6. BEST DAY EVER!)





…See Sperm whales dive down into the deep…

…See a group of 3 Humpback Whales feeding, surrounded by dolphins…

…ending with a visit to the seal colony at the peninsula…

Arrrrghhhhhh it was such a completely and utterly fantastic day!

The next day we revisted the seal pups, just to make sure they were that good the first time round and, although I got chased by a wee grumpy one Phil woke up…they were 🙂

The afternoon was a drizzly one so we headed back up to Picton and went on a wine tour of Marlborough, and got smashed before 4’o’clock on sauvignon blanc.

And then it was all over and we flew back to Auckland and straight into night shifts, it all seems like a distant memory already!

So heres a video of the whole thing, it gives me goosebumps just watching it again, and we are both SO EXCITED for our big South Island adventure at the end of the year !



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