Snow Bro!

To remind ourselves that it is actually winter here, we decided to go find some snow last weekend and arrived at Ohakune, southeastern side on Ruapehu, just in time for the first weekend of the Ski Season. Sophie, Rob, Bex, Matt and Emma joined us for some snow-filled fun. Why does everyone look like awesome 80’s Michelin men in ski gear?


After an incredibly frustrating morning involving not enough sleep and a late bus, we made it up the mountain to the Turoa Ski field. This is where Bex, Matt, Emma and I discovered we were born to snowboard, and I embarked on the start of my professional snowboarding career.

Soph, Rob and Phil headed off and pretended to know what they were doing down the slopes whilst we had our lesson before returning to be amazed by our new skills.

Unfortunately in true kiwi style our Bach was not the warmest, having never heard of central heating in this country, and the electrics were not so slick either, meaning we had some issues with fuses and warmth…

The night did improve with some mulled wine, and the next morning we headed round the Mountain to have ‘High Tea’ at the Chateau Tongariro before heading homewards. I love tea….


To further my snowboard career we are now planning a trip down to South Island when Emma arrives (SO EXCITED) in 3 weeks time (ITS GONNA BE AMAZING)!







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