Timber Trails

After months of pining and drooling over full suspension mountain bikes, Phil has finally committed and bought himself a new baby. And he’s never been happier.

So we headed via Taupo…. where we stopped for an afternoon of pre cycle cycling to the Huka Falls….before ending for the night in Taumarunui, ready to do the second days ride of a 2 day cycle trail following the old logging railway – the Timber Trails, the following day.

45km of grade 2 track, we were lucky with a dry day but lots of recent rain meant the track was soggy in places.

There are quite a few suspension bridges along the way  the longest being the Maramataha Bridge which is 141m long!



Great time had by all with only one minor injury sustained by yours truly involving vagina slamming the handlebars.  After being winded briefly, we continued to the bottom with a time of 5 and a half hours! Good effort I’d say!

In other exciting news…THERE WERE ORCAS AT THE MOUNT!

A friend sent me a photo of them and I dropped everything to run to the Mount, and follow the pod of about 10 orca – a huge bull, a couple of calves and a few others, around the Mount.

This is why we moved to NZ! Whales on our doorstep! Yes!



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