Samoa! Woop woop! Heather’s second week in the Southern Hemisphere.

Well we had just a lovely time really. Hot, sweaty, plait filled, sun times, spent almost exclusively in water. Just wonderful.

We spent our time on the biggest island – Upolu. But hired a car and traipsed round to see the highlights. Here is a map showing where we went….


Now there was something truly ridiculous….like millions of photos, taken during this week so this has been quite a feat in itself to reduce them down to be able to successfully blog.

Here are the highlights (I know there is still too many)…

Apia gave us awesome headwear whilst trying to avoid the rain, waterfalls-a-plenty, disappointingly dry sliding rocks and lizards invading our bags.

It was then onwards in a clockwise direction with some more waterfall stops, banana eating, a dip in the cold fresh water of the Piula Pool, turtles (!), a stunning look out over jungly Samoa, and evidence of Sophies ability to sleep within minutes of getting in a car.

We spent a few days at Lalomanu staying in a beach fale, enjoying the warm bath that is the South Pacific and strolling prepping for future JLSH related activities!

Our next stop was the small island of Namua, with no electricity for 24hours, we walked to the top of the island to see the fruit bats, melting in the humidity en route, snorkelled, lay and jumped!

Next stop was a hilarious rainy afternoon in the Tu’Sua Ocean Trench.

Savaia gave us the Giant Clam Sanctuary and the much anticipated sunset shots as well as too much food to handle.

And then it was our last night! So we treated ourselves to a the Le Vasa Resort – swimming pool, pedalos, kayaking and a failed endeavour off island.

Oooooo we really did have a lot of fun didn’t we. Hev? Soph?

Summed up in this original Laura Productions Spinning video!!!!!!!!!!!!


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